Observation of the course of the cave air meteorological elements


Scientists of the Institute of Geography have been observed the Tskaltubo (Prometheus) Cave natural vital rhythm course during the years (1985-2007). After the cave started functioning in February, the first time we had an opportunity to carry out the observation of the course of the cave air meteorological elements. Along the attraction route the observation was carried out in two stages: 1. during the resting period of the cave (24.02), when the excursion route was free from the visitors for 24 hours, and 2. after the 7-hour working day of the cave (25.02).

It was found: in the same area of the cave there is almost a simultaneous increase in air temperature within 0.20C. In the beginning of the next working day (at 10:00) the cave returns to its usual natural life rhythm, notably, the nominal temperature of the air is observed, which was shown at the beginning of the previous working day.

A similar phenomenon is characteristic to almost all well-equipped caves. However, the control on continuous monitoring of the cave’s internal environment climate, air ionization and radioactivity should be systematically carried out, as well as on the gas and bacteriological composition of the air; observation should be continued on the stability of the cave building rocks and possible increase in fracturing, as well as on daily and seasonal changes in groundwater levels and the risk of their contamination.